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We are creative
space explorers.

We are on a mission to find and connect the

most amazing creative spaces in the world.

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“Creation spaces are environments for sustained learning and performance improvement with growing levels of trust. These spaces scale opportunities.”
- ­John Hagel

We're addicted to the places we call superhero spaces.

These are spaces, which seem to have some special thing in the air that turn ideas into action. Spaces where diverse, multidisciplinary groups of people co-create the future together. Spaces for wise innovation. Spaces where the true, the good and the beautiful meet.

We’re fed up with today’s given structures that stifle collaboration, innovation and true expression. We don’t think our traditional institutions such as universities, corporations or governments are inspiring or capable to guide us into better futures.

Superhero spaces are today at the “edges” of society, and usually outside traditional structures. We would like to see a world where superhero spaces are effective not only at the edges, but play a major role in societies.

That’s why we work to identify and connect the global network of superhero spaces.


We are a global group of creative space explorers.


Adam Jorlen
Swedish-Australian Futurist and Entrepreneur. Co-Founder enkel collective.
Co-founder at ignore gravity GmbH, Berlin, Germany.
Curious artist, entrepreneur and business developer for border-crossing activities.
Anthropologist, author and explorer of the Next Society.


Writer, educator, sinophile. Founder/CEO, Marco Polo Project.
Knowmads Greenhouse (Heart of Office). Amsterdam, Holland
Deloitte Centre for The Edge. Brisbane, Australia
Office Manager at Loft 50 Partners in Paris, France.
Julian Waters-Lynch
Senior Partner, The Holos Group. RMIT University PhD student (Future of work), Melbourne, Australia.
Matthew Abrams
Co-Founder & Vision Keeper at Mycelium. Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Elisabeth Ågren
Design engineer & Creative explorer, Tincan, Hub Melbourne, Doing Something Good, Melbourne, Australia.
Operations Manager at Impact Hub Oakland.
Muhammad Khaleel Jaffer

Subculture explorer | Curious about complexity & emergence | Sensemaking with systems | Playful problem-solving. London, UK

Mirona Constantinescu
Web Developer | Social Entrepreneur | New Economics Researcher. San Diego, Ca, USA.


Our ambassador network is a group of curious people, spread out over the planet in coworking spaces, futures-focussed non-profits, corporate innovation labs, outlier university institutions, alternative business schools, hacker spaces and transdisciplinary community organisations. These people are all exploring the links between creativity, space, community and collaboration in order to make these spaces thrive.

Are you an Explorer?

We need help with a couple of things:

We are looking for more superhero ambassadors. Are you passionate about the network of creation spaces in your city, country or region? Do you have a good overview of the super connectors, entrepreneurial clusters, subculture scenes and spaces that they frequent there? You don’t necessarily have to be heavily involved, a space founder or entrepreneur yourself. We are looking for curious ambassadors and sharp observers with a helicopter perspective. If this sounds like you; get in touch now.

We need help to map the superhero spaces on our planet. We have explored the cities we frequent to find amazing spaces over the last decades. We’ve been to Berlin, San Fransisco, Melbourne, Beijing, Nairobi, Mexico City and many other places. But we can’t travel everywhere and the superhero space network is constantly changing. Please help us, take a minute and add one or two of your favourite superhero spaces.


Our mission is to find and connect the most amazing creative spaces in the world. We do this in three ways:


Highlighting the global network of spaces with The Creative Space Explorer map project.

The Creative Space Explorer (CSE) is a tool for mapping creative spaces around the world. This map is crowd­sourced, i.e. it lets anyone pinpoint creative spaces they have visited or started.

When the crowd has helped us find 1000 creative spaces on the planet, we will begin our second task; curation.


Listing the top creative spaces in the world, as voted by our global ambassador network.

Our guiding question is: What makes a space a superhero space?

To answer this question, we have visited hundreds of spaces in many cities and countries over the world.

But amazing creation spaces are found in more than these places. Therefore we’re currently building a global ambassador network to help us curate a list of 30 superhero spaces every year.


Capturing and sharing the stories and learnings from our creative space explorations.

We have a constantly expanding library of insights from creative space founders, radical innovators, community builders, design thinkers, artists, corporate innovation strategists, placemakers, intrapreneurs and more.

We’re currently working on several initiatives in order to capture and share this knowledge with the world. Our blog, a coming book and a conference are some of these.



The global network of creative spaces is forever growing and changing.
We post news and findings from our explorations as we discover them.
Please follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page to keep updated.

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